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KATE LOWRY – Kate owns and runs the cafe Lowry & Baker. I have known Kate for a few years but like so many acquaintances you make I don’t know her at all beyond the casual encounters that happen in the course of a working day.

Kate Lowrie, cafe owner, Portobello Road

Despite not really ‘knowing’ someone we make assumptions about people. These are based only partially on the clues we are given. But mainly, I believe, our assumptions are based on the projections we place on others. In other words what we see in someone else is a clue to what we see in ourselves (even if only subconsciously). 

As the series continues I will expand on this psychological theory of portraiture and how we, the viewers, engage with it.


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Some photographs from the QPR v Doncaster Rovers’ match 1-1-14

On the wettest and first day of the year Doncaster travelled all the way to Loftus Road (London) to go one up before half time only to be beaten 2-1 in the last minute. And it pissed down all the way. My heart goes out to the northerners.

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Just to let you know that I am moving my organisation to the shores of the mediterranean for a short while (Greece to be exact) so the studio will be closed until the 28th of August.

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