#10 in a series on the role of psychology in photography.

Chad Lelong is the son of Jean Lelong and partner of Lene Sahlholdt. He is a professional pianist and one of my oldest (if not my oldest) friends.

He is one of the most loved people I know – he is welcomed everywhere he goes. He does nothing to garner this – it just happens. He was even listed as someone’s favourite thing about London in a Time Out interview.

Chad is roughly the same age as me (albeit a couple of years younger) so when I look closely at this image I can see signs of his ageing and consequently mine.

The question is; in selecting the portraits I show of my sitters am I seeking to produce an image which introduces them to the rest of the world or is the final image one that reflects something about my own psychology and, in which case, is the portrait just a vehicle for my subconscious?

 To be continued


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