#9 in a series on the role of psychology in photography.

TINA MAYLEY JAMES – Tina is the wife of Sheldon James. She is a carer.

I really had to persuade Tina to be photographed. Many people who knew her said she would never allow me to do it.


I don’t know Tina well but have known her over a few years. She has a real positive energy. Her voice is very distinctive. I would consider her to be a Portobello institution.

On looking at this portrait some people have described it as resembling a ‘Pierot’. I think there is something saintly about Tina and I chose this picture because this captured that quality.

In shooting the picture, I wonder now, if I reacted consciously to that ‘saintliness’ or whether I picked up on it later. Or perhaps my subconscious registered Tina’s expression too fast for my id to register it compelling me to shoot and capture that connection I had made with my subject in the blink of an eye.

 To be continued


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  1. And what does that say about what you project on to the image? As a therapist I’m sure you must have a view on this. I’d be very interested to hear what you think, Derrick.

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