I have a substantial amount of photo-books. This is a log of the books I most frequently take off the shelf.

A record of Tarkovsky’s Polaroids in two parts; Russia and then (in exile) in Italy. Exquisite attempts to stop time with texts that give a heartbreaking glimpse into his life and his yearning to be with his family.

The book reproduces the polaroids at life size. Some of them have accompanying notes on the facing page. These notes are Tarkovsky’s own comments and read like diary entries.

To wander through ‘Instant Light’ is a very intimate experience especially considering that the book was published after Tarkovsky’s death by Thames and Hudson.

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2 thoughts on “Off the Shelf – INSTANT LIGHT – ANDREY TARKOVSKY”

  1. I have the other Instant Light book, it covers Russia & Italy. The Russia section is very reflective in the way it beautifully portrays his family, for example walking the family dog (all in lovely light). But the star images of the book are the shots from Italy where he must have ordered perfect light from some supernatural being. His mastery of exposure using his Polaroid camera is something to behold.

    Its a master peice, which I was lucky enough to find in a small South African fishing port book shop.

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