New Photographica interview with Babycakes Romero



Babycakes Romero is a photographer who is across many different visual media. His work encompasses animation, videography, script writing, street photography as well as dj-ing and record production.

Babycakes Romero and Alex Schneideman discuss:

  • Approach to street photography
  • Encompassing many different media
  • Early visual influences
  • The nature of time as described by a camera
  • Favourite cameras
  • The viral effect
  • Who gets paid for a viral sensation? Clue – it isn’t the photographer.

The first half of this conversation is about is working practises – how he manages to remain productive across so many media. The second half is all about his viral sensation, ‘The Death of Conversation’ which is a series of street shots that show people lost to the world around them as they gaze lovingly at their smart phones. Babycakes is questioning whether this relationship between human and phone is a good thing. The series stock a chord and, in 2014 and 15 he found himself a regular contributor to news items on the subject and it all culminated in a Ted Talk. In the course of a year his life changed as millions of people clicked on his images.

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