14 thoughts on “HAS CARNIVAL HAD ITS DAY?”

  1. Sure looks like a fun day out ( NOT)
    What are those little capsule thingies scattered around.. in pic 28 …?

          1. No. Not really. It seems to be heavily used by young people these days, I’ve been working in Brick Lane, and there’s always loads of spent NO2 cartridges on the side streets.

            I’ve only tried it through the medium of gas and air during my daughter’s 5 day birth process. I was unimpressed.

  2. With all the aggression,urine, faeces,drugs and ‘dodgy’ costumes, It had it’s day years ago. I’ve had an association with this area since the 80’s.
    There was a time (in the 60’s) when Carnival meant something…..Now what does it stand for???

  3. Well, I had a great time, despite being ridden with the flu, and shunning alcohol for Sainsbuy’s decongestant with paracetamol and caffeine pills.. Policing great as usual (i.e. hands off, concentrate on people fighting, or robbing, and gangs). Wandered around part of it with my brother. Aba Shanti and Channel 1 great as per normal. Caught a bit of trad jungle at Sir Lloyd’s. Sat in the park by Aba Shanti, bumped into a mate who I’d not seen for years who was having a bit of a ‘mare after having a whitey at Aba.


    The only aggro I noticed was two men being carried to an alleyway by police. It’s not like the early ’90s, where I made the mistake of walking through the crowd by the Rising High float and got punched in the back, and got out of the crowd, and turned around to see the people who had punched me throwing bottles at a group of policemen.

    Praps you were just unlucky?

    1. I’m not sure who, apart from a select few, are having a great time. I reckon the floats still have something going for them but the vibe isn’t there anymore. I didn’t see a lot of more aggro than usual but I did see a lot of totally fucked up people and many more who were just wandering without commitment. Apart from the volume, which is always exciting, the spirit is gone.

  4. Oh and had a bit of an uncle style dance to KRS One, at a hip hop bit which my brother really wanted to visit…

  5. When I lived in Sutherland Place until just four years ago it was our gardens that were used as public conveniences, but Westminster council did a good clear up job. I thought it had had its day then, largely because there were far too many people crowded into the small locality. If I left my flat and went through barriers to the shops in Westbourne Grove, The police then had much happier expressions than those anxious ones you photographed, Alex. I had to prove where I lived to get back again. Most of the residents of our street disappeared for the whole weekend. What was to admire was the efforts that went into the marvellous floats, although the volume of the music was literally painful to the ears.

  6. I would agree that there are different faces to the carnival – I only decided on my theme after looking at the pictures. I can conceive of having returned with other shots that told another story. But there is a discernible trend in the carnival movement towards complete annihilation which I see as an import from another kind of festival culture which has nothing to do with the spirit of carnival. People looked unhappy and locked in their own worlds rather than enjoying a shared experience.

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