Dave Watts’s ‘PORTOBELLO’ exhibition at the Tabernacle

Dear All,

Please check out photographer Dave Watts’s new exhibition at the the Tabernacle, Notting Hill.

Dave is a resident of these parts and has stalked the streets with a Contax loaded with Tri-X to meet whatever came his way. It’s about people mainly but objects play their part as they ought to in an exhibition of this area which is really a big flea market.

Dave very kindly asked me to do the prints which were a joy to work with (as was Dave). They are pigment ink prints on Fibagloss Warmtone – a paper as close to old Record Rapid as you can get.

You have until Sunday to catch it.

All the best,




3 thoughts on “Dave Watts’s ‘PORTOBELLO’ exhibition at the Tabernacle”

  1. Hi,
    We caught the exhibition, and to be honest my thoughts were, NOT another photographic representation of Portobello! Dave has managed to create a freshness in his observations.
    To cut the ‘crap’! We loved it!

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