Please take a look at my new site, If you want to comment on anything you see there please use this post’s comments section to leave a message.

It wouldn’t be my website if it wasn’t in a state of flux so, for instance:

  • I’ll constantly edit the image selections until I reduce them to their essential few images.
  • Pages within the site will be constantly developed to reflect all the various kinds of work I do in photography such as; custom printing, project commissions etc.
  • And the image galleries will change to reflect a better overview of my work – there are some notable exclusions at the moment, such as my ten year ongoing project on human behaviour in parks (working title: Paradise City)  and a portrait project whereby I am photographing the people in my street (working title: Together|Alone). These need to be brought into shape as there are so many images emanating from these projects.

So please bookmark  and keep checking back to see the inevitable changes.

Thanks, Alex

Let me know what you think...

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