A way of approaching photographic equipment

I was thinking about how to shoot Bashir the Bee Keeper (more on him another time) – which camera, lenses etc and then it occurred to me that after all this time taking pictures and thinking about photography etc surely my instinct will dictate what the shots look like no matter what equipment I use.

Certainly there would be differences depending on what camera I select but whichever lens/body surely my instinct rules the day rendering the choice of hardware redundant.

I accept that there could be qualitative differences but assuming a base level of resolution does it matter what camera we use if we allow our instincts to dictate the shoot?

Any thoughts?


3 thoughts on “A way of approaching photographic equipment”

  1. I think feeling and instinct are an integral part, with regards to what you are shooting. If the technical side takes over, you can lose the message.

    1. Agreed, the technical can be a distraction. The question resolves around the variety of gear we have these days. Even 15-20 years ago only a few pros and serious amateurs would have had to make selection between which camera to use – whereas now every one of us has to make a conscious decision NOT to use some part of our kit. That is why I think we need to demote kit and rely more heavily on our instinctive ‘eye’ as a way of freeing ourselves from the yoke of choice.

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