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New Photographica Conversation – Gavin Maxwell

Gavin Maxwell explores the liminal spaces between belief and faith and fact.

Portrait of Gavin ‘Otter’ Constable Maxwell – photographer and film maker by Alex Schneideman

Alex and Gavin sat down to discuss his work in film and stills photography on Wednesday 10th of February at the AS Printing studios

  • Amongst many interesting strands of conversation these are some that stand out:
  • The wistful understanding of the transience of life…
  • The hunt for truth in the larger body of one’s work.
  • Shooting exclusively on film.
  • The existence of ‘Thin Places’.
  • The way a photograph should be consumed.
  • The strange interplay between seemingly unrelated work.

Gavin Maxwell is a leading film-maker and photographer who has spent over 20 years making natural history, anthropological and environmental programmes for the BBC Natural History Unit and BBC Science.

His Wild China and Japan: Earth’s Enchanted Islands programmes have been viewed by millions of people worldwide. Gavin has also co-written two books for Random House, and lectured at the Royal Geographical Society in the UK and abroad. This year one of his large format film photographs of a human skeleton is a finalist Royal Photographic Society International Print competition.

Gavin’s website is


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New Photographica Conversation – John Tiberi


Malcom Mclaren in the bath, 1978 by John Tiberi,

In this episode Alex Schneideman of talks to John Tiberi, a photographer who happened upon the early punk scene in London and then shot it from the inside.

It was the grim, austere mid seventies and John Tiberi was working as an advertising photographer in the Soho studio scene of the day but loved the music he found in the pubs around Ladbroke Grove. When he happened upon Joe Strummer and his band the 101ers John’s life took a new turn and he found himself on the inside of a cultural phenomenom which led to him embedding himself, camera in hand with Joe Strummer, The Clash and The Sex Pistols. It was arguably John Tiberi who create the punk movement when he put the 101ers as headline in a gig with the Sex Pistols as the support act.

John became the Sex Pistols tour manager and was instrumental in some of their most famous recordings – but he was, and continues to be, a photographer. His photographs of a very young John Lydon and Sid Vicious are extraordinary studies of youth on the verge of chaos.

I had such a great chat with John and, as is becoming the norm for Photographcia conversations, the philosophy and the ephemeral are just as interesting as the photography itself.

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New Photographica interview with Babycakes Romero



Babycakes Romero is a photographer who is across many different visual media. His work encompasses animation, videography, script writing, street photography as well as dj-ing and record production.

Babycakes Romero and Alex Schneideman discuss:

  • Approach to street photography
  • Encompassing many different media
  • Early visual influences
  • The nature of time as described by a camera
  • Favourite cameras
  • The viral effect
  • Who gets paid for a viral sensation? Clue – it isn’t the photographer.

The first half of this conversation is about is working practises – how he manages to remain productive across so many media. The second half is all about his viral sensation, ‘The Death of Conversation’ which is a series of street shots that show people lost to the world around them as they gaze lovingly at their smart phones. Babycakes is questioning whether this relationship between human and phone is a good thing. The series stock a chord and, in 2014 and 15 he found himself a regular contributor to news items on the subject and it all culminated in a Ted Talk. In the course of a year his life changed as millions of people clicked on his images.

Listen to the podcast and get in touch.

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