In addition to the existing shots of the Olympics which I published some months back I have just completed the series with a new set taken at the Paralympics in the Olympic Park.

Like the other sets these were shot on an Iphone. I have worked with these images as if they were shot on a much ‘better’ camera and tried to get as much detail out of them as possible. The Iphone camera is amazing – nothing short of it.

If you have any pictures on an iphone or similarly good camera phone I’d be very happy to help you get some great prints out of them.


Click here to see the series.


I went to ART13 at the weekend because some prints I made for a couple of galleries were on show there.

It was busy and I found myself drawn to looking at the other people rather than the work – this always happens to me when I’m in a throng.

I have posted the full set on my website. Click here to go to the series.